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Will we get Planning Approval of Listed Building Consent?

Whilst I cannot make any gurantees I am well verse in local and national planning policy and can advise you at an early stage if I think we are likely to meet with some resistance from the Local Planning Authority. If necessary we can enage in a pre-application consultation with the planning authority.

Will we need Planning approval (or Listed Building Consent)?

Sometimes you can carry out a building project without the need for applying for consent. For example, it may come under Permitted Development Rights or, in the case of Listed Buildings, it may be a like for like repair which doesnt affect the signifcance of the building as a heritage asset. For each project we shall advise you what consents are needed. We shall also guide you through the process acting as your agent and dealing with any queries from the Local Planning Authority and Conservation Officer.

Do you have experience with the Local Planning Authority?

I have experience and a good relationship with several local local planning authorities (and their Conservation Officers!) in the South West of England, most notable Wiltshire, Mendip, South Somerset & BANES.

Services & Fees

What services do you offer?

I offer a full range or architectural services from conception to completion. Find out more about the process and what services we can offer at each stage here.

How much are your fees?

My fees are dependant on the services I offer and the time it will take me to complete them. My hourly rate is £55/hr. If the scope of the project is unclear I shall work on a time charge basis but most of the time I provide you with a fixed sum for each stage of my services. For example, my services from concept to consent (planning or listed building) can vary from about £2,500 to £15,000+ depending on the size and complexity of the project.

In what geographical area do you operate?

Do I need an architect?

How long will it all take?

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